Last year I wrote an article called “Road to Redemption”, about the life of Isaiah Crowell. He went from high school standout to South Eastern Conference’s Freshman of the Year at the University of Georgia. He was dismissed from UGA and ended up playing for Alabama State University. That didn’t stop his dream of becoming an NFL running back. He overcame all of that to become an undrafted free agent of the Cleveland Browns. Being a former Carver High School Alumni as well, I had the privilege to interview him for his second annual football camp in Columbus, GA.


Don: How does it feel to be at this stadium that was the site for the Carver Tiger home games?

Isaiah: It feels good to be back at the stadium and hold my camp and have fun with kids today. It’s all about having fun today.


Don: You went through a lot to get to this position. You was an undrafted free agent. How did you do it?

Isaiah: I had a great support group to keep me going. My family and friends kept me going. They never let me get down.


Don: Congratulations again on your second annual football camp. Are you going to share your message about what you overcame to get to this point?

Isaiah: No. I just want the kids to have fun. If I get a chance individually I will. But I want the kids to learn the basics and just have fun.


Don: Who had the biggest impact on who you are today, from a coaching standpoint?

Isaiah: Coach Dell McGee, my high school coach.


Don: If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing?

Isaiah: I don’t know. I would probably be coaching because I still want to be a part of the game.


Don: What is the difference between college and pro?

Isaiah: The game is a lot faster. You have linebackers and linemen that are just as fast as you. The speed of the game is fast. Everyone is fast. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Don: Do you do any specific drills to build up your speed?

Isaiah: No. I just follow my regular workout routine. I don’t do anything specific for speed.


Don: Who do you like or respect at your position?

Isaiah: I like and respect all the running backs because I know what it takes to get there.


Don: You have a new coach in Cleveland, Hue Jackson. Have you talked a lot to him?

Isaiah: Yes. I like him. He’s a good guy.


Don: I heard he’s a players’ coach.

Isaiah: He is. He’s good.


Don: Besides your football camp, are there any other projects you are working on?

Isaiah: In January, I want to work with the youth correctional centers to talk to the youth.


As you can tell, this young man is direct and straight to the point. His love for helping today’s youth is even more direct. His attitude is infectious. People want to help and give back because they see someone that could easily say “I’ve made it”. Instead, they see someone that says “Let me help”.  I talked with several people in the community who expressed their admiration for him and his camp. Some of those people were even rivals of his high school and colleges. But the one word that was in unison was “proud”. Hopefully this will motivate you to give back in your community, and help those who need assistance. When you give back you not only help someone else, but you help yourself with a feeling of accomplishment that can’t be replaced.