Hypocrite – a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs. This is exactly what the NFL and the New York Giants are. Josh Brown was a kicker for the Giants up until October 25th when he was released by the team. He was released because he was a repeat domestic violence abuser. You might be saying that is not hypocritical, the Giants did the right thing. Wrong! They only released him when the PUBLIC found out he was a repeat abuser.

The Giants’ Co-Owner John Mara released this statement, “We believed we did the right thing at every juncture in our relationship with Josh. Our beliefs, our judgements and our decisions were misguided. We accept that responsibility. We hope that Josh will continue to dedicate himself to rehabilitation, and to becoming a better person and father. We will continue to support him in his efforts to continue counseling, and we hope that Josh and his family can find peace and a positive resolution. We have great respect and feel strongly about support for the good people who work tirelessly and unconditionally to aid the victims of domestic violence and who bring awareness to the issue. We have been partners with My Sisters’ Place (a domestic violence shelter and advocate based in Westchester, New York) for nearly 20 years. The leadership of that organization has provided invaluable insight as we have considered our decisions in this matter. We value and respect their opinion, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.” This is pure unadulterated hog wash! Let’s break this garbage down so it’s easier to digest.

“We did the right thing at every juncture. We were misguided”. No you were not. The Giants knew about the incidents, yes plural, involving Josh and his now ex-wife Molly. Molly told the police that Josh was physically abusive 20 times including a 2009 incident when she was pregnant with their daughter. He even kicked in a bathroom door that broke the hinges off. She told police she had a protective order against him. At the 2015 Pro Bowl in January, the NFL and hotel security had to work together to move Molly to a new room but not a different hotel because Josh tried to get to her and she called security. He was arrested in May 2015 for allegedly grabbing her wrist as she was reaching for a phone, leaving “redness”. Charges were later dropped because Josh said that the incident was “just a moment”. In July 2015, he was arrested for violating the protective order. When asked for comment about whether the team was aware of his second arrest, a Giants spokesman referenced Mara’s comments from the press conference earlier in the week: “All I can tell you is that we are aware of all the allegations and, I believe, all of the facts and circumstances, and we were comfortable with our decision to re-sign him.” Say what?! You still chose to resign him for a two-year $4 million contract?! Coach Ben McAdoo added fuel to the fire by back tracking off his statement in January of not tolerating domestic violence.

“We have been partners with My Sister’s Place for nearly 20 years”. That organization should disown the Giants and everything they stand for. They must have sent a yearly check of $100 just to say they are “partners” because they clearly didn’t gain any insight over those supposedly 20 years. The NFL must have been “partners” too because on August 19th they released the statement detailing its 10-month investigation of Josh and stating the league claims its investigators “had insufficient information to corroborate prior allegations,” and therefore only suspended Josh for ONE game. Molly had refused to speak with the league regarding its investigation. His suspension was five games shorter than the mandatory six-game ban the NFL had instituted for first-time domestic violence offenders after the Ray Rice incident in 2014. Rice still isn’t playing for a team, which is a hypocrisy. On October 21st, Roger Goodell placed Josh on his exempt list, from public outcry. He was left at home while the Giants played against the Los Angeles Rams in London last week. A player on the commissioner’s exempt list cannot practice or play in a game. However, a player will continue to get paid until a decision is made by Goodell as to when he can play again.

The NFL is so adamant about going pink in this month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness but would rather let repeat domestic violence go unchecked. They would rather fine and penalize players for celebrating touchdowns and great plays than keeping their league free of repeat domestic violence abusers. They would rather a player get a four game suspension for deflated footballs and only one game for repeat domestic violence. The Giants and the NFL can no longer be two faced about domestic violence.